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“This show weaves improv’s history with new, innovative techniques. It has elements of a Grecian Chorus, Commedia, and Spolin, using ensemble narrative, theatrical agreements, and complete support. It blends storytelling with movement and modern long-form transitions. This work is rare and uniquely seamless.” – Jet Eveleth, CIF’s Co-Artistic Director, 2010


Upcoming Shows

Story Box takes on NYC!

CIP’s Touring Company is thrilled to be performing 2 Story Box shows at the

Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre and Film Festival

10/4 9:30pm,10/5 2:00pm


If you are interested in booking a CIP show for your school, library, theater or living room, please contact Lauren Pizzi at lpizzi.cip@gmail.com or by calling 773-599-3084.

Storybox Atlanta Rocks

Update: March 15, 2011



Storybox Atlanta photo by Megan Kelleher

With only five hours of rehearsal, 8 improvisers (3 from Atlanta, 3 from Chicago, 1 from Athens, and 1 from Austin), several of whom first met each other at the Saturday afternoon rehearsal/workshop, banded together to do two performances of Storybox Atlanta at the 2nd annual Spontaneous Combustion Atlanta festival produced by Becky Brett and JStar.

Both performances, were very well received by audiences and improvisers alike. The SCA staff who saw both shows were blown away by the form and the shows. Performing in the Storybox Atlanta ensemble were George Ackers, Chris Bogue, F Tyler Brunet, Keith Habersberger, Topping Haggerty, Jim Karwisch, Shannon Noll, and Pat Young. The rehearsal was taught and directed by Storybox’s creator Jonathan Pitts, who also performed in both shows.

SCA producer Becky Brett described the Storybox Atlanta performances as “mesmerizing“. Pitts said this about the weekend at SCA, “Without the acceptance and help from the SCA, the process which was shared by improvisers from 4 cities, as well as the audiences who watched, would never have happened, so my big, big thanks to Becky, JStar, and SCA!

To read Jim Karwisch‘s Storybox blog, please click: Part 1 & Part 2
To see photos shot by Matt Lupo of the shows, please click: SCA Photos

Storybox Invited To Three Festivals

Update: February 17, 2010

Storybox has been invited to perform in three regional improv festivals. The first is Atlanta’s Spontaneous Combustion, March 10-14. The second is Champaign’s Champaign Improv Fest, May 7-9 in downstate Illinois. The third is Minneapolis’ Twin City Improv Festival, June 24-27, 2010.

Storybox For Kids Show Photos

Update: January 15, 2010

In the morning of December 14, 2009, Storybox For Kids did two shows at a Chicago area suburban area grammar school. Between both shows, the cast played to over 500 people. The cast included Marla Cacares, Matt Klingler, Jenn SavaRyan, Jeremy Schaefer and Alex Young.

To see photos of their 1st show, please click: Show 1
To see photos of their 2nd show, please click: Show 2

Storybox Performs For Directors Lab Chicago

Update: July 31, 2009

Over 30 international and North American theatre directors who attended this year’s Directors Lab Chicago watched a performance of Storybox at the Piven Theatre. The international directors were from Canada, England, and Spain. Storybox was the only improvised show the directors saw during their week long activities. After the performance, there was a 30 minute Q&A for the directors with the Storybox cast and crew. The post-show discussion was moderated by Directors Lab Chicago assistant producerJenny Montgomery.